LaRosière, France: The Best Resort for the Whole Family

How the Family Can Enjoy the Slopes of LaRosière, France

There is actually no better way to spend the winter vacation than to go skiing with the whole family in a place where many considers to be a haven for all sorts of fun and excitement. Each family member will enjoy the scenic view of the mountains of LaRosière, France, most especially when they would start skiing the slopes and pistes from the Napoleonic Fort at the top of the mountain down to where most people converge and meet each other after some kilometers of exciting skiing escapades.

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec: The Place To Be During Winter!

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec: The Mountain of Snow

In the Northwest of Montreal and Northeast of Ottawa, you can find the white paradise called Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. It is a village in the so called Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada. It is very popular because of its ski resorts. The name Mont-Tremblant means “trembling mountain.”

Skiers will surely love this place because there are lots of ski resorts at the foot of this mountain. Mont-Tremblant is a haven not just during winter. This is considered a four season tourist complex. During the winter, its tracks are used for skiing and snowmobiling. During summer, they are used for biking and hiking.

Whistler: The Beauty of Whistler, Canada

How Did the Name Whistler, Canada Came About?

We may have heard so much about this beautiful mountain and we may wonder how it came about to be called as Whistler, Canada. It was originally called the London Mountain but its name was changed to “whistlers” somewhere in the late 1960s. It was named after the marmot that makes whistling calls. The marmots are known to be short bushy-tailed rodents that hibernate during the winter. Having such basic knowledge about Whistlers will lead us to be more interested about this beautiful mountain and it will encourage us to explore its beauty firsthand.

Sipapu: What do Ski Enthusiasts Say about Sipapu, New Mexico?

Sipapu, New Mexico: Home for the Skiers

From November to April, when the snow is blazing white in New Mexico, the most visited and toured ski resort is Sipapu. It is not that huge. This ski destination in Sipapu, New Mexico is moderately sized one—comparable to a small village (it has 31 runs on 70 acres of 1,055 vertical feet).

However, this family friendly resort is the most visited snow sport location in the Northern USA. This place is recommended for families because aside from its virtually nonexistent lift and great snowboarding terrain, it offers ski lessons for all age levels. Yearly, it gets an average of 130 inches of snow, very suitable for any kind of ski enjoyment. Now, what do the reviews say about the ski resort?